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Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to ecologically sound and sustainable construction and the use of locally or responsibly sourced materials. We advise on issues such as the use of lime products, sheep's wool insulation, 'large' clay block construction and alternative drainage methods. We actively promote the management of construction waste. Can salvaged materials be worked into your design?. Can you save money in the process?

We believe in the need for highly insulated, airtight buildings to reduce energy consumption and cost and are always looking for new construction methods to achieve these solutions and to meet the requirements of the LABC*. The challenge is to meet these demands without compromise to your expectations.

Working closely with energy specialists we look at air leakage, energy efficiency, water efficiency, alternative 'green' energy and the recycling of rain and grey water. We detail the shell of the building to be as thermally efficient as possible and ensure that the use of 'green' energy is readily discussed, is more beneficial to the user and is subsequently more affordable.

We are also aware of the importance of the sensitive repair and alteration to historic buildings and in the careful consideration of building techniques and choice of materials. We understand the need to make these buildings more energy efficient and where possible to ensure these solutions are seamlessly introduced.

We are committed to the challenges we are now facing within the industry to deliver an energy efficient quality building.

* LABC is the membership organisations representing Local Area Building Control departments across England and Wales. It's member includes over 3000 professional surveyors and support technicians across the country. LABC promotes the design and construction of buildings that are safe, accessible and environmentally efficient to comply with Building Regulations.